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R & R: 3-1


Dani McMartin


Holy Hacker, Batman! The season three premiere of Revenge has aired and the writing gods have smiled upon us.  (Ted and Wilson, I’m talking to you.)  I just don’t even know where to start.  We can already tell that season three is exceptionally better than season two so without further ado, let’s get on with it, shall we? (INSERT SPOILERT ALERT HERE) I don’t really do spoiler alerts because if you can’t take it you’re a pussy.  Anyway, let’s go…

Season three opens with Ems getting shot (YIKES).  WTF?  Please tell me this is a ruse and Nolan is waiting out there with a get-away vehicle, because he’s getting pretty pro at boat rescues.  Honestly, she’d better be okay because I’m still pissed at what they did with Takeda.  By the way, writers, he could have a twin brother, just saying.  Fauxmanda wasn’t a huge loss because she was a complete flake anyway, but Aiden sure could take a hike. Wait…where was I?  I kind of got off track.  Oh yes, the opener.

So, Emily gets a cap in her ass and then we rewind a couple months to her and good old Danny boy sucking face. Daniel is so cute yet so stupid.  It’s probably his most endearing quality ever since he hopped on the Jack wagon, and by Jack I mean Jack Daniels or Daniel’s Jack, whichever way you want it.  (See what I did there?)  Yet, this season, he seems reasonably sober, a.k.a. boring, but that’s okay because we like him this way.  Emily has got him right where she wants him, which is good because she seems to have given up another set.

Yes, I’m referring to Nolan.  He seems to have reclaimed his pair from Emily because he actually told her NO.  I didn’t stutter.  See, Ems decided to hold a second engagement with Daniel portrait unveiling party for Conrad in order to expose him for the asshole he is.  She was all like, “Noly baby, can you hack some stuff?”  And he was like, “Bitch, you’re high. I just got out of cell block 8.”  However, they did reach a compromise.  Nolan decides to parachute, yes parachute, into the party with a vial of poison so that Ems can make Connie pass out mid speech.  Wow, that’s way less conspicuous than hacking the security system.  But, as I said, he’s yanked back his set since season two and, it appears, added some growth serum to them. Yup, he Latissed those babies. By the way, here’s a little side note.  I LOVE this!  Thank you for making Nolan the badass we always knew he was.  Now let’s get back to Connie.

He’s drugged and sent to the hospital where he’s diagnosed with Huntington’s.  Of course, this is leaked to the press and his career is kaput.  In the meantime, Assley, (you remember Assley because she sleeps with everyone and has no common sense) tries to blackmail Emily because she thinks she knows some stuff.  This isn’t going to happen.  You know it, I know it and Emily really knows it because she framed Assley to make it look like she was the one who leaked the Huntington’s info to the press.  As a consequence, Ems tells Ass she’s banished from the Hamptons or she’ll go public with the information about who was responsible for the leak. At this point, Assley is driven to the airport where a plane awaits.  The best part of this little scheme is that Bitchtoria was in on it.  It’s unclear if she had a hand in leaking the information on Connie, which I doubt, but she did arrange the banishment.  She and Ems were both on the tarmac staring Assley down, telling her she gets on the plane or else, which is really just code for “go fuck yourself.”  Oh Assley, we knew your fate was sealed the moment you opened your pretty, albeit stupid, mouth.  I’m kind of conflicted here though.  Loved all the controversy and excitement surrounding this character, hated the actual character.  It’s a toss-up.

The story line I described above was pretty much the gist of this episode but there were some other interesting developments.  Patrick, Bitchy’s long lost son, is being played by HOT-ASS actor Justin Hartley. (Get out the hose!)  Patrick’s emergence is causing a lot of jealousy with Charlotte the Harlot.  She’s pretty pissed that he’s getting all of Mommy Dearest’s attention.  I just can’t figure out why.  You’d think, as long as her attention is diverted elsewhere, then mommy hasn’t got time to meddle in your affairs, Char.  I’d be jumping for joy if I was Charlotte but she was just a whiny little bitch.  She went straight to Patrick and told him horror stories about his mommy (all true) and, as a result, Patrick decides to bolt.  Bitchtoria gets wind of this and, to put it delicately, throws a full out hissy fit.  Charlotte threatens to move out and Bitchy is all like, “Do it.”  Then Charlotte has this look on her face that says, “well, I never.”  Oh, come on! Yes you did, Char, and you’d better get used to it because the folks are getting tired of your ridiculous drug-fueled temper tantrums.  Connie is going to lose his mind and then there will be no one left to manipulate.  I’m going to guess one of two things is going to happen at this point; either Charlotte doesn’t actually move out, or she decides to shack up with Ems and Daniel.

In other Hampton’s news, Jack is a dick. Really.  Apparently, Emily poured her heart out to him about who she really was.  After giving him time to think, she shows up at the bar to talk things out.  Jack tells her that after recognizing, through his son, the love a child has for their father, he understands why she did what she did.  Then he kisses her, deeply.  However, after the kiss, he says he realized at that very moment he has zero feelings for her.  He goes on to give her an ultimatum, “either you finish all your revengey business by the end of summer or I’ll out you.” Umm…WHAT?  What’s the saying, beggars can’t be choosers?  Specifically, Jack’s got  jack and he’s in no position to be alienating the only person in the world who gives a crap about him.  But you go ahead.  Pull out all the douchey stops, Jack.  This should be interesting.  At least his balls are intact.

Also interesting is the emergence of another new character, Daniel’s ex-girlfriend, Margaux Poitier, played by Karine Vanasse.  We didn’t really get an in-depth look at this character, but I can tell you she is mesmerizing.  I don’t have much to say because they didn’t really give us any clue as to what role she will play in the Hamptons but who cares?  I could just watch her talk all day.  You could make her the cleaning lady for all I care.  Just give her lots of dialogue.  Check out the episode and you’ll see what I mean.  They scored with this one.    Oh…almost forgot… Aiden shows up on Bitchtoria’s doorstep in the last 10 seconds of the show acting like he’s on her side.  I threw that in there for you *gag* Aiden fans, but I’m going to go on record to say he’s probably just gathering intel for Emily because she’s got his balls in her purse too.   If we’re lucky she’ll cut them off.

And that, Revengelings, is episode 3-1 in a nutshell.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on this review, as well as the episode.  Tweet myself or Bobby, @thedoo2u and @gaveoutlongb4.   Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to use the hash tag Revenge.  Until next week, Yours Truly will be waiting with bated breath.  Translation: I really wish the writers would give me early previews so I can have this shit ready to go as soon as it airs.

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Season 2 Episode 1

By: Tommy Moss

Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of Revolution but parts of the premiere truly bothered me you’ll see what I mean.

When we left off at the end of season one everyone had just made it to the tower and Rachel played by Elizabeth Mitchell and Aaron played by Zak Orth had just turned the power back on only for Randle played by Colm Feore to lock himself in the control center and launch (ICBM) – Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles at Georgia and Philadelphia, Rachel and Aaron fight to shut down the power and knock out missile guidance before they reach their targets.

Season two opens, scene set, six months after in Willoughby Texas. Miles played by Billy Burke comes out of a shack; he’s covered in Blood then burns it down to the ground. No explanation as to what happened or why he burned it. Then miles walks into a town where he crosses paths with Aaron and Aaron’s girlfriend, Aaron says “hi Stu” and miles doesn’t even say a word to him as he walks by. We then cut to Charlie played by Tracy Spiridakos at a bar drinking by herself talking with a bartender whose going on about when the power came back on. She tells him the last thing she wants to talk about is the power. We later find out that Charlie left her mother, Miles, and Aaron because she was mad at her mother for the things that had happened. Miles made an attempt to get her to stay though unsuccessful and her mother did nothing just watched from a window as she set off. After Charlie sleeps with the bartender he asks her about being in the Monroe militia she shyly answers him. As they talk the Bartender mentions he recently had seen Monroe played by David Lyons Charlie cuts him off and ask where he was seen? She finds out where and what way Monroe was headed and sets off to find him.

Then we cut to when everyone arrived in Texas as they wait outside the gates of a town a man steps out who we find out is Rachael’s father Dr. Gene Porter played by Stephen Collins. As he comes out he first sees Miles and asks why he’s there, then Charlie says hi to him and he then sees Rachael who’s in an almost catatonic state due to the guilt she feels from the power and ICBMS’s. She looks to her dad and can only mutter the words “it’s all my fault dad”

We go back to Charlie who’s set out for New Vegas to find and kill Monroe. As she arrives in New Vegas she’s drawn to the commotion in a tent where she finds Monroe who’s engaged in an all or nothing fight.

Back in Texas Aaron’s talking with his girlfriend about how things have changed he mentions a friend of his from the fourth grade who recently came down with polio. His girlfriend responds with hopes of the power returning so maybe things can get back to some form of normality. Aaron responds by saying the power will never turn back on and leaves it at that. He then walks outside to see thousands of lightning bugs floating around.

Miles hears the cry of someone in danger set out to help them; he rescues the people in danger and then kills one of the bandits and brings his body back to the town. He shows him to sheriff Mason played by Adam Beach and explains the tattoos on his arm represents the number of people he’s killed and explains that their probably from the plains nation. Miles then warns they will be back and they will circle the town in numbers picking off at first then to take over the town.

Major Tom Neville played by Gianciarlo is in a tent with a gun about to commit suicide when his son Jason Neville played by JD Pardo walks in and talks him out of it. No sooner does his son talk him out of suicide they hear a commotion outside the tent and walk out to see a great ship passing down the canal.

We go back to Miles and Rachael in the town miles standing guard Rachael joins him, Miles warns they should run while they can but Rachael says she can’t she has to be there when Charlie returns.

Aaron and his girlfriend are taking she tells him how sweet he is and tells him if he’s going to stay up all night might as well stay up together and calls him to the bedroom. As Aaron approaches he hears her muffled screams so Aaron rushes in to find a bandit trying to take her. They fight and Aaron frees his girlfriend but gets slashed across the chest in the process. Through all the commotion Rachael runs in the bandits are gone but Aaron is on the floor she tries to stop the bleeding but Aaron dies anyway.

Then Miles and Sheriff Morison try to run out the bandits but the bandits manage to knock out the sheriff and kidnap him and miles and take them back to their camp.

Just before the episode ends we flash back to Rachel who’s terribly upset by Aarons passing and he suddenly opens his eyes and gasps for breath.

Now the issue I have with this episode is the fact we flash all over the place but with no description of what happened after the tower and way too many flashes around too keep straight. They mention things have been crazy since the tower but don’t say how or why just a shot of some lightning bugs. It just left way too many questions un-answered and didn’t roll from the last season. And I know the first episode is supposed to set the pretense for the season and leave you wondering a few things but I was already wondering enough from last season and they didn’t even get those questions out of the way. They just piled on more dead ends and questions. Well I guess I’ll just have to wait and hope they straighten things out, and explain things a bit more.

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Season 1 of Sleepy Hollow Pilot The episode starts off introducing the characters starting with Mr. Crane(tom Mison) fighting in what is assumed to be the American Revolutionary War, and the headless horseman is there but not quite headless…..yet. Then it cuts to Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and sheriff august Corbin (Clancy brown) he seems to be a mentor and fatherish figure to her, and the two of them encounter the headless horseman and Corbin is beheaded by him. The next character we meet is Andy Dunn(john Cho) at the station. Now at the station Ichabod Crane is being interrogated in the present day and he is telling his story of the day he died, starting with the battle he was in and how he attempted to kill the headless horseman, and how he died that day. The officers let him know it is 250 years later and that they are sending him for a psych eval. Abbie not really knowing if she can believe what she saw, believing in herself but also keeping a remotely unbiased stance on the fact that her mentor was killed and what she saw could not have been real, until she hears Ichabod Crane’s testimony or whatever you call his interrogation.

Abbie wants the opportunity to talk to Ichabod but her superior officer won’t allow it after some banter and bargaining back and forth she is able to convince him to allow her to drive him to his psych eval. He is somewhat shocked that she is a African American Woman and holds a position within the police force or most likely what he thinks is the government or military. They start their drive and honestly I think Ichabod took all the changes of the world better than he should have. I would say poor acting or something more likely subpar writing or that scene, but I had a lot of reservations about his being a television series, and not a mini-series or tv movie or something, but the acting is incredible and the writing is just as good. Instead of going to the hospital they go to where he came out of the ground and find a book leading them to figure out that he is one of the  four horsemen of the apocalypse, what a good twist, then we cut to the horseman going after a priest who seems to know a thing or two about a thing or two and magically makes chains wrap around the horseman attempting to stop or at least slow him down, tho he is unsuccessful. That scene kind of goes against the premise that he is a priest using magic, as the bible is against it. I mean Moses used Hoodoo, and he also wandered the desert for 40 years and died with paradise within his sight. After the commercial we pick up at the poor priests crime scene and Abbie still has Ichabod with her and is reprimanded for it. All the police backlash is starting to make Abbie rethink he position of the supernatural aspects of these cases. Then she lets slip that something like this has happened before. It turns out when she was a little girl her and her sister encountered a demon. Her sister apparently couldn’t let it go and is in a mental hospital as a result. Though the demon they saw Andy is working for.

It appears that her former late mentor Corbin had been the resident supernatural believer at the station and kept files on what he believed to be true, and Abbie feels now is the time to check them out, and finds out he has research spanning over 300 years about two covens of witches one good one bad who integrated with the population, and hundreds of unsolved cases that “seemed to be ignored”. She listens to tapes of him talking about the cases, demons, wanting to tell her, and being afraid that the closer he gets to the truth the close he is coming to something coming after him.

Ichabod has a dream about his late wife and she tells him that when he died his blood and the horseman’s blood were mixed. She tells him that the horseman needs his skull to be hole, that there are 3 more horsemen to come and he is the first witness, and then the end will begin. Abbie then shows up and takes him out of the hospital and the two of them begin discussing events and go to the cemetery to retrieve the head of the horseman before he or someone else can get it, as they dig it up the horseman arrives, because of Abbie telling Andy about it, and Andy working for the demons told the horseman. Ichabod and the horseman start fighting and Andy attempts to knock out Abbie though she bites him and gets away. I would like to add that according to Revelations the pale horseman being Death is supposed to come last, not first. The headless horsemen could have just as easily been war.

Back at the station 3 cops and a head in a jar back up Ichabod and Abbies story and the captain is like please help me for a change and help me get to the bottom of this to Abbie and Ichabod. Before she has a chance to interrogate Andy, he is killed by the horned demon that she saw as a child, and in the mirror in the cell they two of them see the demon walking away.


What a pilot. I honestly did not think that they were going to be able to pull of a series like I had previously said I thought maybe a mini-series or a tv movie but I can honestly see this going on for seasons and season. I don’t know if anyone who reads this has read revelation, but the apocalypse isn’t something that starts and ends in a 48 hour period or something some of the events are supposed to take years, so there is plenty of material for them to use.

All in all I would give this show 8 stars so far for the pilot and recommend anyone who is into this sort of crime supernatural drama genre as a must see.

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The Purge
By: Thomas Moss
The purge is a new horror, science fiction, thriller directed and written by James DeMonaco. Staring Ethan Hawk as James Sandin husband of Mary Sandin played by Lena Heady, The parents of two children Charlie Sandin played by Max Burkholder and Zoey Sandin played by Adeline Kane.
I was really excited when I first saw the preview for this movie, it looked action packed with a great twist. The premise of the story is a time where crime rates are down and the economy is way up thanks to the implementation of a twelve  hour period once a year when all criminal acts such as theft, vandalism, and even murder are legal. Allowing everyone an appropriate time to purge their anger inside in whatever way they see fit. Ideally lessening the population, by allowing people to take matters like a drug dealer living in their neighborhood into their own hands.  The movie centers around a family whose recent wealth thrives on the purge, the husband James sells specialty home security systems designed to keep families safe from the events of the purge. These are not your ordinary lock and key systems they are sophisticated, composed of alarms, closed circuit audio video surveillance of the interior  and exterior of the homes, along with specialty steel doors that roll down to cover all windows and doors.
As the movie opens we see the mother Mary placing the blue flowers in front of her home representing that their family supports the purge talking to a neighbor who comments on the Sandin’s beautiful new addition and jokes that the neighborhood mush have bought it for them because they all bought systems from her husband James. Then begins the lockdown where the Sandin family arm their specialty security system and hunkers down to wait out the purge. I thought the concept was a bit odd they support the purge and yet feel the need for such a vast security system to keep them safe from it. Anywho shortly after the lockdown was initiated and the purge had begun everyone seemed to go about as business as usual in the home. That is until their son Charlie sees on the screen a man running down the street covered in blood screaming for help, being young and naïve he deactivates the system and calls the man into the home for safety. The parents come rushing in to see why the doors opened to find a strange man in tough shape in their home. As they are trying to usher him back outside Zoeys older boyfriend who had snuck in tells zoey he needs to talk to her parents and prove that they are in love and they can’t do anything about it, instead as he goes down the stairs to “talk” he pulls out a gun and tries to shoot zoeys dad who then fires back hitting him. Zoey then carries her boyfriend back up into her bedroom, I couldn’t belive it I was like oh yeah Zoey, take care of him, not like he tried to kill your family or anything, he died shortly after in Zoey’s arms. Meanwhile the Bloody man runs and hides in the home because of the gun fire. Then a group of people show up at the front door demanding they return the bloody man so they may purge him as planned, all because he was unemployed and black, not like they took into account his years in the service. So they demand he be returned or they will break in and and kill the man and the family, so James and Mary go to hunt down the man and then they tie him up to hand over meanwhile their kids are appalled that they would just sentence this man to his death to save themselves. I mean it’s one thing to defend your family its completely another to sentence an innocent man to death. But the Bloody man decides to go along and turn himself over to spare the Sandins. But after seeing his willingness to sacrifice himself they realize what they were about to do and come to grips and decide to hold out too keep the man safe. Then the power to the house is cut by the group as a warning. Shortly after the group hooks chains to the doors and to a truck with just a quick pull, off come the doors and the group is in the home. My first thought was well those aren’t all too strong considering the mayhem that the purge involves. With the kids hiding James and Mary armed with guns go around trying to kill the intruders; James manages to kill a few of the intruders before he’s stabbed deeply in the stomach. The group had won they overpowered the family.
Just when all seems lost and that the group has won a second group of people come in armed to the till wearing masks and takes out every one of the intruders. The Sandin family all huddled on the stairs around their dead father they thank the new group of heroes because if it wasn’t for them they would have not made it. Then the group removes their masks to reveal their identity to the family, it’s their neighbors from around the area. They tell the family they saw they had been broken into and came over to rectify the situation; the Sandin family thanks them deeply for saving their lives. The Sandin family seemed to have come out ok, they lost a father but his death was not in vain for his family was still alive. I thought this was a great ending to the movie the Sandin family came to terms with the absurdity of the purge and the value of a human life.
They thank their neighbors again for coming to their rescue when they did, saying if they hadn’t stepped in the family wouldn’t have made it through. Then the neighbor who Mary was talking with in the beginning of the movie tells her; we didn’t come here to save you we saw they had broken in and  the opportunity presented itself and we felt it was our patriotic duty to vent our anger over the your family’s new found wealth. That made me think what do you think some of the people you know might do if they thought there would be no repercussions for their actions? And let me tell you that was a scary thought. In the right conditions stupidity can spread like a virus just as fear can. But then the Bloody man turns the tables and rescues the Sandin family and as he’s about to kill the neighbors Mary stops him saying there’s been enough killing tonight, as her husband lies dead on the floor near, were all just going to sit here and wait for the siren to sound the end. So they sit down at the dinner table to wait it out, as their waiting Mary’s jealous neighbor makes a last ditch grab for the shotgun in front of Mary, Mary responds by grabbing her by the hair and smashing her face into the glass dining table while shouting “I said no more killing tonight what so damn hard about that” shattering the table and her face.
So overall I’d have to say it wasn’t a bad movie but maybe it’s just me but the “PURGE” concept was just a little too farfetched for me to really envelope myself in the story. I just found myself trying to imagine what condition the United States would need to be in to institute such a concept. But overall I’d rate it a seven out of ten for great action and good story twists. It certainly kept me on my toes for the duration.


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Well, let me start by saying I have always been a huge marvel fan, and have seen just about every Spider-man, X-men, Avengers movies on the first available screening, though I tried to watch Iron Man 2 almost half a dozen times, and either fell asleep, got bored, or simply went for a drink or bite of food and never found my way back to the movie. Gwenth Paltrow (spelling? ) I avidly avoid, after she did shallow Hal and talked about how eye opening, enlightening, and so on, and let me say, I am sure fat women, and perhaps men felt much better about themselves after that movie……or not. Along with any other interview her more or less being as narcissistic as the character Tony Stark is in the movies. Anyways she’s tainted to me and as rule I avoid movies she is in. That all being said, after I watched the Avengers I couldn’t help but hope that Iron Man 3 would be some sort of Avengers 1.2 or something a loose sequel. Though events were mentioned that was about the extent of it.

On to the good stuff. This was without a doubt the best Iron Man movie to date. It certainly had room for improvement but well worth watching. The movie starts off with Stark working on his latest Model the MK42 which it appears that he has been obsessively making new and better suits since the events of the Avengers, though “the prodigal son” MK42, seems to have some glitches, and some glitches being barely functional. A terrorist group has been bombing America under the guise of a mandarin man that is nothing more then a junkie actor they have captive, but it does create a good façade and when Iron man and war machine find him and he keeps nodding off, I must admit its a knee slapper. So Tony Stark goes on the news and tells the Mandarin to be  a man and come fight him, well later that day several helicopters show up and shoot down his house, and his craptastic new suit lands him under the rubble and then takes off and lands him thousands of miles away.

When he does land his suit is just about out of power, and he is presumed dead. He ends up a in a little boys garage who he forms a bond with over the course of the movie. I have to be honest the little boy was one of the highlights of the movie he would throw the same sort of childish insults and antagonizing insults that hit Tony’s buttons, but he would also talk him down from his panic attacks as well.

The movie continues to unfold rather slowly about this research team that developed a treatment that alters people’s DNA so that they can grow back missing limbs but the side effects are rather significant, and the treatment is addictive, except an overdose results and a plasma explosion. The graphics and cgi was pretty impressive for this and seamless for the most part, I am fairly critical of this, movies like Transformers are nearly unbearable to watch, I feel like I am watching a cut scene from a video game and I watch on my ps3 and find myself ready to grab the controller to beat megatron myself.

At this point about a quarter into the movie up until the last quarter is a lot of Tony running around and is a classic showing of a inner struggle and proving to himself that he can do it without the suit, story as old as time, especially in the superhero world, they all have to go through it sooner or later.

I don’t want to give to much away, but at the end they are at a Marina or something of the sort for the final showdown and to recue the president and his lady friend Gwenth Paltrow, and he has Jarvis activate the Party Protocol I believe it was called, and let me say that was a pretty awesome action scene, and if you are a fan of the different models then you are in for quite the treat I will say.


This is your typical superhero movie and I would give it a 87/100, another superhero cameo, or a little more action in the first 1/2 of the movie would have knocked it into the 90s, I would have loved to see Captain America make an appearance or help him out, they mention Thor, but there wasn’t even Director Fury, or the black widow. Though Dr. Banner is in it briefly after the credit air, but I will be honest, I totally missed the fact it was him first time around.


This concludes my first movie review, I hope you find it useful and it entices you to go out and see it!

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I know it is been a long time, but as they say the stars are finally aligned. Fall primetime is right around the corner, and I am ready to rant and rave, and maybe a little scrutinizing as well.

This fall I will also be launching a new site called social intrigue, that will not be limited to tv shows, it will have an internet radio station that will be able to be streamed either on your phone or computer or any other device that has slacker internet radio. The articles will primarily be focused on media(tv, movies, video games, books, etc.) along with current events and many other topics. It will be your one stop spot for media news and reviews.

Until then though, I will be updating this site with test reviews to see what works for all my loyal readers. so get excited! and welcome to

Bobby’s Tv Blog, And So Much More

It is very melodramatic and a little depressing but I suffered many a broken heart

is where you can find the paperback on amazon, you should all rush out and get it!

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Well for all or any of my loyal readers, I have been busy, and under the weather, it has been a fall and winter to remember to say the least.

Over the next few days, hopefully hours, but we will see how the evening pans out, I will catch you all up on all things tv running through my head.

First off we will start with some sadly dead shows that I have recently stumbled upon.

All you Netflix users out there here is my current must see list of dead shows:


Ugly Betty

Prison Break




Dirty Sexy Money

The Secret Circle


Pretty Little Liars

Gossip Girl



more to come

I am currently finishing up 24, then moving on to The Walking Dead

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Here we are on Sunday again, and Revenge is all new last week we left off with poor Ems, getting a voicemail from her mother to Gordon, hoping his mission was successful. I’d have called back and been like, you honestly choice the crazy white haired manibal lector over your own daughter, it should be a pretty big red flag to Emily as to where her mother’s alliances really stand. Though she seems to have shaken off the crazy, which I would think is a good thing, look at her walking and talking and taking care of herself without being in restraints, clearly she found the right doctor, now it’s time to end this ridiculous run on sentence, though if I were to be honest I hate periods. Unless they are at the end of a single word sentence, or end of a paragraph, maybe some of you read this and think I’m ignorant, or just hate my style, but as I have said before, this isn’t anything more than a streaming of my consciousness, well for the most part, I’d have to put a parental rating on it if I completely let loose.

Up to commercial one

I have to say I am super excited for tonight’s episode I feel like it will be one that really moves the plot along and 4 episodes to watch obsessively on huluplus, not mad about it.  Aiden has a point, and furthermore, Takaeda (HI CARY!) was right that Emily’s heart clouds her plans and messes with her judgment and objectives. Makes some of her moves reckless. Good she finally left, Jack is finally free. Well that plan worked perfectly, and can I ask why if Victoria summons someone they come, no matter what, good reason, bad reason, want to go, don’t want to go, they go with a smile.

Up to commercial two

Here we are with Nolan and Padma’s slow courtship, I ain’t gonna lie, I wanna see him with a Man baby, a MAN, Mann on Man action, not mad about it. I still can’t believe Emily traded Nolan for Fauxmanda as roomies. Wow, way to make an awkward moment. Declan, come on you saw this coming, you shouldn’t have ever gone along for the ride. This should be interesting, did everyone forget about Fauxmanda being blamed for burning down Treadwell’s house, and vice versa for Fauxmanda. And now of course anyone who goes to Victoria’s goes along with whatever cover she comes up with on the spot. I want to know what Ashley’s end game is, or is she just clawing her way to the highest point she can reach.

Up to commercial three

I feel like the episode is flying by and I can hardly keep up with all the excitement, if any of you watch Once Upon A Time, last episode was lacking so to speak, at least in my opinion, and I could barely think of anything to write but now every 2 minute clip on revenge is world shocking. Oh good Ash and Dan, I have to say I really like seeing this Daniel Version 3.0. Doesn’t Ashley know everything from Conrad already? Good god I mean seriously I thought Fauxmanda was there to help, and she tries not to at every turn. Emily, you need to stop gathering allies based on control factor, or at least what you think you can control, bring back Nolan, he was the one who could really help you, and I know this Fauxmanda nonsense you are making the best of a bitch coming into your situation, but you need to get rid of her. I’d like to know more about the initiative and what there MO is. Omg I love it, love it, love it, love it, Fauxmanda brought her ladies, what an awesomely funny twist. I really thought she was going to pull out a gun, oh and there she goes with it sort of. Aiden sort of dropped the ball, come on he sort of knew or should have that she was working with him, wait he did duh, she just admitted it, be a little more alert.

Up to commercial four

Back to the baby shower, prolly the only one in history I wish I had been invited too. Poor Jack he should go talk to Nolan or Emily. Poor Nolan (I LOVE YOU GABE) Emily didn’t know how good she had it, well at least she said “someday I’ll figure out a way to repay you” or something along those lines.  Poor Nolan, I wonder what the whole story between him and his Dad are. Do I sense some new flashbacks coming?  I am curious to know what Daniel’s role in the company is, it seems he doesn’t know what is going on, and that his father spends more time and resources keeping him in the dark. THANK YOU now ditch the humming bird. I’m not going to lie I thought the maid came with the baby carriage. Another plan gone well for Emily. I want that app, whatever it is.  OH MY GOD that is one way to get rid of her. If she loses the baby that would be plenty of ammo for Emily to get in her face and blow off some anger where it is deserved. Don’t get me wrong I think Fauxmanda is a total bitch, and plays the victim, and really is just an opportunistic pseudo-manipulative bitch, but she got herself in over her head and I actually feel bad for her for the first time in the series.

Up to commercial five

I feel like it is almost over and way too soon. Wow I hope one of the revengers helps Jack out here. I wonder what Conrad will have to do about all this, have Real Amanda’s Mother kill Fauxmanda to keep the secret; I mean that is what he has done every single time Victoria gets blood all over her hands, more literally this time though. Awww Nolan, cuuuuuttttteeeeee. Aiden get loose come on, Emily would have been out last commercial. I wonder what is going through her head. Awww Jack, this could be a good thing. I got to say, I did want her dead sometimes, but not at this moment. Though if she lives through this, then she is going to kill Emily, or blow the whole thing up.

Up to the end

It’s like Emily said before, tragedy has a way of bringing people together that should have been the theme of this episode. To all these ending scenes, all I have to say is seriously Aiden, no wonder you failed your mission originally. That took you forever to get out of, but you get bonus points for being there for Emily.

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So the Sunday countdown is nearing an end, along with my endless typing for the next 4 or so hours, really testing out my multitasking, tweeting, writing, playing stronghold kingdom, and attempting to enjoy watching my favorite shows tonight. So to start off with Once Upon A Time, I wonder what this week’s episode will bring us; I wonder if prince charming will form a plan, now that he can’t run to MR. Gold anymore for magical assistance. Snow and Emma, I bet will start ruling that little cult or something, and the flashbacks I bet will be very Cora/Regina related, overall I’m excited for a good night, I just hope they don’t chop it up too much again maybe skip the flashbacks this episode so the time can be split between worlds, not worlds and time (being spot in time). 3 minutes to go woo

Up to commercial one

Well that was a nightmare, Belle, this isn’t the Disney beast you want, this one likes to kidnap babies for Christ sake, what does he do with them hmmmmm. Now they are going to add dreams yesh, and our first flashback. I am curious to see how Rumple’s bitchwife gets it for being so ungrateful, and wouldn’t she rather have a living husband then a dead one who is honored, well he is making my point now. Bell he isn’t practicing he is USING magic. Well it appears karma might get to her first. The little mermaid this is, I am still waiting for Wall-E. Not so much a coward, as not suicidal, just saying.

Up to commercial two

I wonder if they are going to find any fairy dust, if so, I am in MA, ME isn’t too far I could be there by morning. Yano if he trained Cora when she was young, why would he even think his son is still alive, it seems like he has been the dark one for close to a century, not a mere 16-24 years considering his son was around 10 let’s say. Well he is immortal so to speak, considering he killed the last one. I hope he gets pay back I would love to see that. Her excited face looked like a heat stroke, just sayin. We saw charming and Henry for half a second and that’s it where are all the main characters they attempting to add to the characters stories we care about, HEY WRITERS THERE IS ENOUGH GOING ON, either get a 2 hour slot, or stick to 4 stories an episode, or make the show less long term story arc and make it into something like a procedural cop show, with fairy tales, it could totally be done, 10 min of main story, 33 min of fairytales, anyone could watch any episode and you could jump in and out and for those who watch every single episode they’d get a little something too.

Up to commercial three

I take it back Mr. Gold is a main character. Well, I guess they are going to go against their deal, remember charming; rumple can help you get your loved ones back. Let me say for the record, asking for help is the bravest thing anyone can do, and he did. Well I was hoping for revenge on the whole ship but hey that’ll do. I am used to Miss Emily Thorne’s bigger game plan, well Regina had a good plan with the curse, but Rumple made it so he would be the genius behind it.

Up to commercial four

That’s right Belle, it’s time to be an adult. Oo the revenge gets better, I love how Rumple talks. Kill the whore she left you and her son, what would have happened if he died in war where would she leave her son. He can still take their hearts and let them leave. Well, Belle we can see where it all stated you’re attraction to psychopaths your father is far worse than the dark one. Especially at this moment. What a horrific thing to do to her.

Up to commercial five

I love how Charming is Sheriff by default. I thought the dwarfs were good, and love believing especially grumpy formerly Dreamy, I don’t understand why everyone agreed to do that to Belle. This is much better and it played out how I had originally hoped it would. Hurry and get that key…..or not. Well that works too and it was pretty cool not gonna lie. I gotta say I am getting irritated with this whole Emma, and Snow not being on the show anymore, or barely I should say, the show seems to be total anarchy, I thought Mr. Gold had a plan, and where the hell is Regina?

Up to the end

It hasn’t started back up yet but seriously all these commercials and kinda pointless episode, Belle breaks up with Rumple whenever she is around him for more than 15 minutes why this episode worthy is.  I hope it is a happily ever after ending. That is one aspect I absolutely find cheesy but love love love about the show. Well this all makes more sense, he found the curse that would have been a more interesting flashback or was it last season I will have to re-watch. Now flash elsewhere to give us a little something maybe? No more flashbacks sad, where is Snow and Emma. And last episode what about what happened with the king spotting Charming. That was a disappointing ending.

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